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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Glade Fragrance Collection: A Chic Bargain

Pictured: Mi Amour, the new Glade Soy-based Currants and Acai Candle, (Photo by Erik Neldner photography.)

Last week, I enjoyed a relaxing and peaceful evening at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills. As the sun set over the Hollywood Hills beautiful scents filled the evening air and tranquility set in. It was a total escape from the big city and the work day blues. Beautiful candles were lit and twinkled against the cityscape. I thought the candles were as pricey as the Beverly Hills real estate. But fortunately, I was wrong. The party was to celebrate the launch of a reasonably priced line of candles from ...wait for it....Glade! I was shocked. I've written about Candles before here on the blog. Tired with jet lag, I've forced myself to wonder Galleries Layfette in Paris for my beloved Diptyque Candles so I could get a little discount . I've perused the bargain racks at Loehmann's looking for designer candles for less. Little did I know that one of the best candle bargains was literally under my nose: The Fragrance Collection by Glade, sold at drugstores and grocery stores around the world has launched. A small candle is only $3.99 US, the larger candle is $8.99. And, with coupons on the web, and in your Sunday newspaper, the retail price is further reduced.

As a practicing recessionista/frugalista, there are a few things I love about these candles. First and foremost, the price is right, and they add an upscale touch of luxury to a relaxing, pampering evening at home or a special event. Secondly, the scents are lovely and elegant. The collection includes, Pomegranate, my favorite Currant and Acai, Sheer White Cotton, Pine, Lotus Bamboo, Jasmin and Wild Orchid and more. And finally, the scents smell great. Each one smells like a delicious familiar flower or fruit (currant.) They do not smell like heavy scents designed to mask odors in your home.

My mind is already racing ahead to the holidays, as they would make great stocking stuffers or goodies for my annual girlfriends gift bags. Take a look and see for yourself from the pictures below. I also like the idea of having a girlfriend's party at home with the pomegranate champagne cocktail, the little cranberry craisin adorned cupcakes and meringues. This is a chic event you can replicate in your own home for the holidays.

Pictured: The Pomegranate and Cranberry candle surrounded by cupcakes. Perfect at home holiday entertaining. (Photo by Erik Neldner photography.)

Pictured: The Currant and Acai candle compliments red nail polish for girlfriend giveaways

Pictured: The new Jasmin and Wild Orchid candle provides an oasis of calm against the backdrop of busy Los Angeles traffic. (Photo by Erik Neldner photography.)

Pictured: The new Jasmin and Wild Orchid candle against "The Hills" :)

Pictured: A little bit of spa renewal at home, with the Lotus candle. A good option when you don't have $$ for spa treatment. (Photo by Erik Neldner photography.)

Pictured: The scents are available in diffuser sticks as well as candles.

Picture: An elegant bar decorated with candles, and a simple holiday drink recipe: Champagne, Chambord liquor and Pomegranate liqueur. Delish! (Photo by Erik Neldner photography.)

As one of my favorite rock groups Weezer sang in their song, Beverly Hills:

I wanna live a life like that
I wanna be just like a king
Take my picture by the pool
Cause I'm the next big thing

The Fragrance Collection from Glade helps us all live large for less. Just light up a great scent and let it take you away.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sears VIP Sale Today

It has recently come to my attention that an American shopping tradition, Sears, is having an amazing VIP sale. Readers, did you know that Sears was around during the Great Depression helping shoppers make smart fashion choices? Last year when this blog was featured in The New York Time's article, " A Label for a Pleather Economy" reporter Natasha Singer noted in the article that " A Sears catalog from 1930 at the beginning of the Great Depression offered “coats of the new mode in the spirit of smart economy” priced to sell at $9.75 to $25. Phrases like “be smart and thrifty” and “look at the chic economy” promoted dresses that cost $4.98 to $8.98." Good old Sears, the original frugalista fabulous! It's nice to know Sears is still featuring smart economy for today, literally! :)

Following are some coupons and sale info for the Sears’ Friends & Family VIP night sale today, Sunday, Oct 4. The online sale is all this weekend including VIP events from 6-9p in-store tonight. For more information check|:

If you're interested at fashion at Sears (and that is actually not an oxymoron because there is some :) enjoy this coupon for an extra 20% off of apparel. Yes, Sears actually carries some great fashion choices. My Sear's Recessionista picks include:

The Land's End line provides terrific value and style at the right price! It's great to be able to try it on in-store, instead of just doing a catalog order.

Pictured: Lands' End is one of the brands on sale today at Sears.

If fashion is not your thing, you still might want to check the sale for bargains on energy efficient washers/ dryers, ranges, refrigerators, TVs, lawn & garden tools, apparel, and more. Click here for those savings. There is truly something for everyone at the right price.

One more Sunday Savvy tip, check out the new Glade Fragrance Collection soy candles on sale now at Drugstores and Groceries around the world. I'll be writing more about these this coming week. The small candles are on sale at Walgreen's for $3.99 today. The larger ones are on sale for $8.99. The Currant and Acai candle is amazing. More details on these soon!