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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Deal: Summer in the City with American Express Membership Rewards Points

This special offer just came in my American Express Membership Rewards newsletter and I immediately signed up. I am a card member and a practicing Membership Rewards points compiler/hoarder.  I'm also heading to the BlogHer conference in NYC in August, so I signed up for this immediately.  From now until September 5, 2010, American Express Card members traveling or living in New York City, who use their card for charges can get double their Membership Rewards points at 450 attractions, restaurants, hotels, museums and more in New York City.  What a good way to stretch your dollars and your buying power.  I should know.  I've been enjoying my new home entertainment center purchased with my American Express Membership Rewards.  Sure it takes awhile to accumulate points, but when you consider a trip with airfare, hotel stays and meals, those points pile up.  New York, I love you , but you are a pricey city! Native New Yorkers may also want to take advantage of this offer too to maximize their dollars.  To sign-up for this offer for Double Points and get all the details, visit the American Express enrollment form.  

To find out where you can get Double Points, at hotels, restaurants and more in NYC,  go to :  Click here to see the Hotel deals.

Note to the FTC, this is not a sponsored post, and I don't make any $$ for letting my readers know about this deal, although I have worked with American Express in the past on a home entertainment redo with AMEX points.  I signed up for it, and am just passing along what I think is a good deal.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Norma Kamali Suiting at Walmart for $20.00

A new collection of Norma Kamali suiting has just arrived in at  If you're just out of school, or on a tight budget, but looking for an interview suit or some new separates for work, Norma has something for you.  Amazingly, the skirts, pants, vests and jackets are all $20.00 or under US. The fabuless looking ruffled shirt is not online yet, but hopefully it will be soon. Look for Norma Kamali at Walmarts worldwide and online by clicking here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kohl's Dorm Room Decorations and Back to School Fashions

If you're looking to decorate a college dorm room, or even your first apartment, you might want to check out all the cool bedding, storage stuff,  tech gadget sand even chairs at Kohl's.  My college dorm room never looked this good. Check out some of the items (with US prices) that Kohl's has:

Stylish Dorm Room Essentials - Revive dorm rooms with bedding sets in citrus stripes, patchwork plaid, bold cobalt and more. Accent the room with coordinating floor cushions, mini tables, butterfly chairs and novelty lamps to infuse personality and character. Kohl’s has dorm room essentials and décor accents for any college-bound student at a great value. Get the look: Student Lounge® Stadium and Quad Bedding Sets - $89.99-99.99, Student Lounge® Aqua Peace Sign Floor Cushion - $29.99, Student Lounge® Butterfly Chair - $69.99, Student Lounge® Double Pink and Blue Motion Lamp -$39.99.

Get Organized - Conserve tight spaces with storage items that combine functional design with fashionable prints and colors. Put sweaters and shoes in hanging shelves, fill storage cubes with bath, beauty and fashion accessories and fill ottomans with books and towels to un-clutter rooms in a creative way. Keep working areas neat with an organizer lamp that holds pencils, paper clips and other supplies while keeping workspaces bright. Get the look: Student Lounge® Organizer Lamp - $29.99, Student Lounge® Collapsible Storage Bins (2-pk.) - $21.99, Student Lounge® Hanging Sweater Shelves - $21.99, Student Lounge® Pink Ottoman - $39.99.

Electronics and Electrics - It’s important for students to have the latest gadgets to keep up with the fast paced college lifestyle. With headphones, wireless keyboards, alarm clocks, iPod accessories and more, Kohl’s allows students to stay savvy on new technology while stretching budgets. Cafeteria food and eating out can get expensive. Students can save money by cooking meals at home with Food Network™ electrics and cookware at budget-friendly prices. Get the goods: Earpollution Throwbax Headphones - $29.99, SPI Roll-up Keyboard - $19.99, Timex® Alarm Clock - $14.99, Food Network™ Waffler - $49.99, Fiesta® 5-pc. Dinnerware Set - $48.00/

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lucky Magazine Previews Temple St. Clair for Target

 Lucky Magazine has a preview in their August issue of the forthcoming jewelry collection that Temple St. Clair  is doing for Target.  Above is the heart ring and the tear drop earrings.  Apparently, everything will be under $50.00.  The jewelry pictures do look good, but you have to wonder what it's made of for the price.  Stay tuned, as we attempt to learn more. The collection is the sixth jewelry launch in a series of limited-time-only accessory designers at Target.  The Temple St. Clair for Target collection will be available at most Target stores nationwide and online at August 29 through December 26, 2010. Click here to learn more about Temple St. Clair and her designs.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Closet Cull: eBay Selling FREE to list Auction-style, any start price, June 29-July 12

One of the tools in a  bargainista's frugal fashion guide is selling on eBay.  I've talked about this before, but with a new special on free auction style listings running on eBay until July 12th, it's a good time to remind you all about this way to get value from all the stuff hanging in your closet that you are not wearing.  I frequently do a little closet cull and list items for sale on eBay.  Sometimes I buy things that I then tire of, and find I am not wearing on a regular basis.  Then, there are what I call 'irresistable impulse" items.  These are the items that maybe you lusted after like an H&M limited designer collection, or Topshop Kate Moss.  Maybe you got all caught up in the buying frenzy and had to have these items, but one year later they are still sitting in your closet with the tags on them because, well, they just really don't look good on you, or , you are tired of them.  I also know women who bought some of the Kate Moss stuff thinking they would wear it one day, after they lost 5 lbs, but then never did, so they then never felt comfortable wearing it.  Now is the time to recoup your shopping losses and sell this stuff off.

eBay is running a special for sellers from now until July 12th to list your items for free (no eBay insertion fee) when you list your time Auction style.  This means your items is open to bidding, not Buy it Now (fixed price.)  Since eBay seller fees have gone up like everything else, this is a good time to sell and maximize your profits, without eBay taking more of your money.  Generally, I like eBay much better than consignment stores for selling.  The Consignors sometimes take up to 40% or more of your profits on resale.  So think about selling what you are not using, recouping some of your shopping dollars, and reinvesting it in your savings or something you might just really wear.  Check eBay for the details and all of the fine print.