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Friday, June 17, 2011

One Million Membership Rewards Giveaway from American Expressone million Membership Rewards

As some of you know, I love me a good contest.  I've even won a few.  The siren's call of free goods is too strong to resist sometimes. So, I wanted to let you know about at giveaway of a million Membership Rewards points that American Express is having.   Check the Membership Reward catalog to find out all the cool things you can buy with points.  Each day through the end of June, American Express will be giving away one million Membership Rewards points to a lucky Cardmember to spend on all the amazing possibilities available through Membership Rewards!  Yes, there is a giveaway every remaining day in June, which makes the odds of winning much sweeter.

I am a Cardmember and I have honestly bought some wonderful things with my points, just to name a few, my iPod Touch (an essential blogging tool), my Samsung TV and my Samsung Blue-Ray theatre.  Click here to read all about my love affair with my reward points.  Details on the giveaway and entry instructions can be found on the American Express Facebook Fan Page, in the Points tab.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summertime: The Classic Norma Kamali Swimsuit for $98.00

The divine Norma Kamali has her classic summer suit, the halter with the 1940's style ruching on sale again this summer for $98.00.  Click here to learn more! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas for June 19th

Pictured: Suggested Toys for Boys
 Don't forget, Father's Day is coming up on June 19th this year.  Are you ready? Here's a little suggestion. Warning.   Do not give Dad a Tie. Or clothes.  It maybe one of the worst all time gifts ever for men.  Yes, they need them, no they don't want them as gifts.  What do I think Dads all over the world want?  Toys for Guys, aka electronics and sporting event tickets.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • New DVD Player with DVDs for viewing
  • American Express Gift Certificates --now fees, you get the full card amount to spend(so he can get what he really wants)
  • New iPOD + iPod download gift cards
  • New iPad, check for savings at a MacMall in your area to find deals.
  • New Cell Phone, take your pick of an Android ,Window's 7 Phone, Blackberry, Google Phone or iPhone (check the AT&T deals on refurbished phones, the costs are fairly inexpensive)
  • iPad
  • Tickets to Sporting Events (LA Lakers comes to mind) or concerts (Check for deals)
  • If your Dad or Husband likes to play Grill man, look for grill deals everywhere from Big Lots to Sears.
  • Dinner out at the restaurant of his choice (check for deals or buy a gift card at Costco for restaurants like Flemings.)
I would recommend shopping  for the above items at Best Buy, Frye's, Kohl's (constant sales and Kohl's cash),  Macy's, CostCo, Sam's Club or BJ's Warehouse.   If you find some good deals for Dad, leave a comment and share the wealth!