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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gap's Denim Recycling Program: Save 30% on New Jeans and Donate Your Old Jeans

Have you seen the recycling containers at your local Gap Store? From March 5 through March 14, you can donate old denim that will then be given a “new life” by being converted into UltraTouch natural cotton fiber insulation and donated to communities in need.  The two-week denim drive is part of Gap’s “Recycle Your Blues” event, where customers who donate denim will receive 30 percent off new denim purchases from Gap, GapKids or babyGap through March 14.  And, my understanding is it can be any denim that you donate, not just denim purchased from the Gap.  I am putting together a big old bag today of all my beyond repair thread worn jeans in sizes I don't wear anymore.  I love the idea that my old jeans could be turned to insulation to help keep someone warm.  With that incentive, I will clean my closet!

The in-store program is featured on Gap’s online consumer site, as well as at Cotton. From Blue to Green. Be sure and check it out.

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