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Monday, December 6, 2010

Avoid "Gift Grimmace" with Nokia Facebook Apps: Share Your Holiday Gift Wish List

Nokia has introduced two new Facebook apps that aim to optimize gift buying.  How? By letting you share your wish list with those that may be buying for you.  The goal is to let people know exactly what you want, so they don't get you the wrong gift. Even better, they can carry your gift list with them to the store on their mobile phone so they don't get the wrong gift.   You can also list the items with the best prices, if you are a savvy shopper.  The new Nokia Facebook Apps are designed to put an end to your gift returns, or even worse, gifts that end up unused or in the dustbin.

Gift Together is for people who want to group together to buy a phone for someone. It helps them band together to help spread the cost of the perfect gift.

Help Me Choose is really rather clever. The app allows gift givers to connect with friends of the intended recipient without needing to be their Facebook friend. Buying presents for teenagers is pretty tricky, but with this app you can get advice as to the perfect gift.

If you seek to automate your Holiday gift giving, these free apps maybe worth a look.

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