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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jodi Arnold Collection on Sale at The Limited

Pictured: My Top Pick from Jodi Arnold's Limited Collection just went on sale.

This just in, the amazing Jodi Arnold collection has just hit the sale racks at The Limited.  I noticed this one tonight while browsing my wish list, and voila there it is.  I'm savoring the savings, because I truly love what Jodi did for The Limited.  I bought the above teal top with the golden embellishments at the shoulders a few weeks ago and I love it.  It has become my go to weekend going out top.  This gorgeous piece is now on sale for $48.65. The fabric is polyester, but it looks and feels as luxurious as silk.  And the bronze sequins make it look rich.  Pair it with white capris or slim black pants for a great going out outfit.  I wish Jodi's The Limited collection would get as much buzz as say, Zac Posen for Target.  No offense to Zac Posen, but his Target collection can't hold a candle to Jodi Arnold for The Limited (my opinion as a consumer.)  There is no comparision in the cut of the garments, the finishing of the hems and the seams, plus the zippers on Jodi's The Limited collection dresses, well they work.   Another favorite of mine from Jodi's The Limited collection is the below blue floral dress.  The same print is available as a top.  For both pieces the top is attached to the collar band by a row of little covered buttons.  It's ingenious and beautiful.  These are the unique touches that made Jodi a stand out as a designer. 

Pictured: The Blue Floral Dress from Jodi Arnold's The Limited collection is simply stunning, and recently reduced to $68.68! 

Unlike some lower priced designer collaborations, with Jodi Arnold for The Limited, the budget for the clothes seems to be in the clothes, not in a glitzy marketing campaign or in a party with celebrities being photographed wearing the clothes in an effort to convince you how cool they are.   I have never received a product sample of Jodi Arnold for The Limited or even a press release or email  from someone at The Limited (note to the FTC, this is not a sponsored post.) I have bought several of the pieces, and I have the credit card statements to prove it! I just love the clothes and I write about them because I believe they are good value for consumers. Jodi Arnold for The Limited is affordable chic that I will be wearing for years.  Her designs are not going to be good for just one season, because the are timeless.  If you haven't checked it out, point and click here.  If you order from the website, use code 232 for free shipping! Enjoy the savings.

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