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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anna Getty's Easy Green Organic offers Delicious and Economical Fare

 Pictured: The cover of Anna Getty's cookbook, "Easy Green Organic."  (cover image courtesy of Chronicle books.)

This week I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Anna Getty's new cookbook called "Easy Green Organic."  I never know what to expect when I hear the label organic cooking.  Will that mean tofu that is overly flavored and dry or just lots of leafy greens thrown together in a salad?  I'm happy to report that Anna Getty makes organic cooking delicious and flavorful.  Flavorful is the key ingredient here. I can say that with assurance since this book party included samplings of the recipes from the book.  Guests feasted on arugula and strawberry salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing, tofu with soba noodles in an Asian flavored sauce plus sliced goat cheese frittata on crostini and delicious cookies.  Anna Getty's cooking is the type you return to the buffet table for to eat another helping. I had the opportunity to chat with Anna at the signing and ask her about how she cooks, and how she formulated her delicious recipes.

Pictured: The author, Anna Getty, as she signs her cookbook.  (Photo: Maggie Read)

Anna tells me her recipes are a thoughtful mix of her tastes, organic finds from local farmer's markets,  family recipes and her cross checking ingredients with complimentary tastes from a book called Culinary Artistry. It took her two years to put together her collection of organic recipes, perfect them and bring them to market in her new cookbook Easy Green Organic.  I asked Anna, is it more expensive to cook organic? Surprisingly, she says its actual more economical.  "With the exception of truffles, most of the recipes in the book are inexpensive to make.  Dishes like pasta, polenta and soups can be reasonably made," says Anna. She also notes, " I buy my produce at the local farmer's market which is actually cheaper than shopping at the grocery store."  Beyond the delicious recipes, Easy Green Organic also features tips on how to green your kitchen to use healthy cooking utensils (for example: safe, non-coated pots and pans) and how to eliminate items from your pantry that may not have the nutrients you need to help you live a healthy lifestyle. One recipe that I am looking forward to tasting from the book is the Fried Polenta with Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Chipotle Cream Sauce.  The book party event featured organic cocktails mixed with Coconut water, 360 organic vodka and Frey organic winery.  There were even healthy, organic, 70% dark chocolates from Nicobella chocolates.

If you live in Los Angeles, you might want to make a trip to the site of Anna's book party, Rolling Greens nursey in West Hollywood on Beverly Dr.  Rolling Greens offers an amazing collection of plants, flowers, shabby chic furnishings and books.  It was the perfect setting for an eco-friendly event.  Check out the picture below, and you will see this is not your typical nursery.  Anna also received support from her actor brother Balthazar Getty who was in attendance.

Pictured: The author's brother,  Balthazar Getty from TV's Brothers and Sisters.
(Photo: Maggie Read)

Pictured: Party venue Rolling Greens is what easy green living is all about with it beautiful flowers and lovely decor. (Photos: Maggie Read)

To learn more about organic living, check out Anna Getty's cookbook.  Its well priced at $24.95 and features beautiful photographs of all the dishes by Dan Goldberg.  I like to look at the pictures to decide what looks most appetizing before investing cooking time!

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