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Sunday, October 17, 2010

South Bay Galleria 25th Anniversary 80's Inspiration Contest!

Pictured: My updated  version of 80s' style with Lauren Conrad at Kohl's Pleather Jacket, foral top and tulle mini-skirt. (picture: M. Hall)

The month marks the 25th Anniversary of the South Bay Galleria.  I appreciate the Galleria being in my neighborhood and offering some great stores like Nordstrom's, Macy's, Banana Republic, The Gap, The Limited, Express and Kohl's.  Living in Los Angeles, I spend way too much time driving around in my car, so I want to say a big thanks to the Galleria for offering some great shopping just 10 minutes from my home.  Many malls in the beach cities have closed, so it's amazing that South Bay Galleria continues and still brings us great style and events close to home!

A group here in LA of fellow bloggers, Two Point Oh LA  is having an 80's inspiration contest to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the South Bay Galleria.  The Galleria got started in the 80's so just picture the mall with all those leather jackets, leggings and big hair filling the scene.  I have to be honest, the 80s weren't my favorite period of fashion.  My chief memories of the period are of Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan in her leather jacket, black  lace bow headband, mini-skirt , tights, and heels.  So, where to go in the Galleria to replicate that look? Well, Kohl's of course, because they always have a little bit of everything.  For my inspiration, I went first to the Lauren Conrad collection and paired the pleather/ faux leather jacket with the olive green floral top and the short peach/pink tulle skirt.  The whole look is under $150.00.  Here's a close up:

Pictured: My up close LC Collection look, Kohl's thanks for lending me a mannequin to style! (photo M. Hall)

But there's way more than Lauren Conrad at Kohl's to complete the 80's vision of chic.  I took at stroll over to the Candies' department and the new Britney Spears collection screams 80s.  So do the Candie's jewelery and accessories.
Pictured: Candie's Pink Top with Black Skirt and Glitter belt (photo M. Hall) , Kohl's thanks for lending me a mannequin to style!

And if you really want to get 80s inspired, check out the Candie's bling and the same black lace headband Madonna wore in the Holiday video.   It's like a  Madonna time capsule.  Check these out.

Pictured: You can get the Madonna "Like a Virgin" Accessories at Candie's at your local Kohl's

 Pictured: Candie's also features plenty of  80's style bling with their jewelry collection.

 Pictured: For 80's style footwear, these Simply Vera, Vera Wang platforms might just fit the bill.

For more 80s inspiration, check out my Polyvore storyboard of 8'0s looks from Kohl's.  I could see Pat Benatar in any one of these!

Pictured: My 80s styles from Kohl's using Polyvore.

So Happy Birthday South Bay Galleria.  Here's to 25 more years of fashion trends!  I hope to see all my fellow Two Point Oh LA members in South Bay at the mall from 1-3 pm on Oct. 30, 2010 for the styling contest to see which 80's trend is the winner.   And special thanks to Kohl's in the South Bay Galleria for letting me bring my camera into the store and play with the clothes to get my 80's groove on.

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